Annual surveillance report shows hepatitis C deaths have more than doubled in a decade, syphilis hits all-time high Hepatitis B and C infections were the underlying causes of liver disease in 75 liver transplants and an estimated 1000 deaths in Australia  2013.    Figures from the report indicate a massive disease burden caused by the hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infections affecting Australians. In 2013, an estimated 210 000 people were living with chronic hepatitis B infection and 230 000 people were living with chronic hepatitis C infection in Australia. Among those with chronic hepatitis C, 80 000 people have moderate-to-severe liver disease, including 15,900 with cirrhosis. An estimated 630 people died from hepatitis C liver failure and liver cancer in 2013, 160% greater than the number of deaths 10 years ago (250 in 2003). Read more here

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