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Check out newly published study findings Broadly-Neutralizing Anti-Influenza Virus Antibodies: Enhancement of Neutralizing Potency in Polyclonal Mixtures and IgA Backbones
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Read the published paper here:
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A Canadian study shows that HPV shots don't make girls promiscuous, as some parents have feared. But given that HPV causes about 70% of cervical cancers, this is hardly something we should be worrying about.
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A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was established to provide expert advice and strategic direction for the CRE. The 2014 SAB members were Professor Margaret Burgess (Chair), Dr Wendy Bissinger, Professor Lisa Maher, Professor Terry Nolan, Professor Ross Andrews, Professor Sandra Eades, Dr Margaret Kay and Professor Nicholas Zwar.
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Influenza vaccines currently registered for use in young children in Australia are safe and well tolerated by children aged under 10 years but regular monitoring is needed, according to research in the Medical Journal of Australia.
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Medical researcher and CRE Immunisation AI, James Ward takes over the @IndigenousX account this week. Get yourself and your mob informed about HIV Full Interview
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Vaccination rates in Australia are very high. 92% of children are fully vaccinated for their age. Dr Julie Leask, University of Sydney, explains what Australia has done to improve immunisation rates and keep them high. She also explains what is being done to reach those are currently not vaccinated for various reasons.
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Dr Julie Leask, University of Sydney, discusses immunisation rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities. Poverty, transport issues, access to health services can put some communities at a disadvantage.


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