The Government has announced the development of an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) to cover all ages, to be implemented in stages from 2016.This provides one of the most important opportunities to advance immunisation in Australia’s history CRE Immunisatin has a keen interest in the potential of the AIR for all Australians. Our research in our areas of focus–Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, mothers and infants, the frail elderly, and migrants, refugees and travellers – shows that the absence of immunisation registration has been a major barrier to identifying people at risk of under-vaccination. The creation of the AIR has enormous potential to improve uptake of recommended vaccines in adults. The CRE hosted its final event, a one-day workshop on 26 August 2016 in Sydney to discuss the functionality of an AIR that will be needed to best support the National Immunisation Program and related activities. The primary aim of the workshop was to bring together all stakeholders to make a constructive contribution to informing the development and future utility of the AIR. The CRE is in its 5th and final year, and the AIR as a subject for our final event is timely, topical and highly relevant to our work. The workshop was also a celebration of the CRE and its achievements. research can be effectively translated and advocates can work most effectively in shaping strategies and messages; to gain insight into political, government and mass media processes; to learn from case studies of successful advocacy; and to establish a set of tools for effective immunisation advocacy for a specified issue.


image - Australian Immunisation Register - Into the future

AIR workshop