Articles from members of the Vaccine’s Young Investigator Program

Date Published:
11 Jul 2016
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Anita Heywood

Changes in seroprevalence to hepatitis A in Victoria, Australia: A comparison of three time points 
A.E. Heywood, A. Newall, Z. Gao, J. Wood, A. Breschkin, S. Nicholson, H.F. Gidding, D.E. Dwyer, G.L. Gilbert, C.R. MacIntyre
Vaccine, Volume 30, Issue 42, 14 September 2012, Pages 6020–6026

Surendra Karki

Risk factors for pertussis hospitalizations in Australians aged over 45 years: A population based nested case-control study
Surendra Karki, Peter McIntyre, Anthony T. Newall, C. Raina MacIntyre, Emily Banks, Bette Liu
Vaccine, Volume 33, Issue 42, 13 October 2015, Pages 5647–5653

Josephine Reyes

Economic evaluations of implemented vaccination programmes: key methodological challenges in retrospective analyses
A.T. Newall, J.F. Reyes, J.G. Wood, P. McIntyre, R. Menzies, P. Beutels
Vaccine, Volume 32, Issue 7, 7 February 2014, Pages 759–765

Retrospective economic evaluation of childhood 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination in Australia: uncertain herd impact on pneumonia critical
A.T. Newall, J.F. Reyes, P. McIntyre, R. Menzies, P. Beutels, J.G. Wood
Vaccine, Volume 34, Issue 3, 12 January 2016, Pages 320–327

Holly Seale

Acceptance of a vaccine against pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus amongst healthcare workers in Beijing, China
H. Seale, R. Kaur, Q. Wang, P. Yang, Y. Zhang, X. Wang, X. Li, H. Zhang, Z. Zhang, C.R. MacIntyre
Vaccine, Volume 29, Issue 8, 11 February 2011, Pages 1605–1610

Do they accept compulsory vaccination?: Awareness, attitudes and behaviour of hospital health care workers following a new vaccination directive
Holly Seale, Julie Leask, C. Raina MacIntyre
Vaccine, Volume 27, Issue 23, 18 May 2009, Pages 3022–3025

Examining the views of key stakeholders regarding the provision of occupational influenza vaccination for healthcare workers in Australia
Yi Chen Lim, Holly Seale
Vaccine, Volume 32, Issue 5, 23 January 2014, Pages 606–610