CRE on news: Vaccination in migrants, travellers and refugees

Date Published:
18 Feb 2014
image - Govnt Immunisation Lotery2

Health experts have warned that under-immunisation in refugee and migrant communities could create epidemics of diseases thought to be eradicated in Australia.

University of New South Wales Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Raina MacIntyre, said outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease across Australia had already been linked to these communities.

"We've seen large outbreaks of measles - the largest since 1998 - in the last couple of years in Sydney and western Sydney and these have been definitely linked to under-immunised migrant populations," she said.

Gaps in government funding are creating pockets of under-immunisation in refugee and migrant communities around Australia.


CRE Immunisation's  CIA Raina MacIntyre in an interview broadcast on SBS1's "World News Australia" on Monday 17th.  Watch the  news :