Flu vaccinations cut risk of heart attack by 29pc: UNSW

Date Published:
28 Aug 2015
image - Flu Jab Heart Attach 280

Influenza vaccination massively reduces the risk of heart attack, with a new study suggesting flu jabs protect the heart as much as giving up smoking.

Researchers from the University of NSW have unearthed a substantial link between seasonal flu and cardiovascular disease. Their study, published this morning in the journal Heart, found people were twice as likely to experience heart attacks when they had the flu. Those who had been vaccinated proved 29 per cent less likely to experience heart attacks than those who had not.

Senior author Raina MacIntyre said this put flu jabs in “the same ballpark” as established risk prevention measures. “We’ve already got things like statins, anti-hypertension and smoking-cessation programs,” said Professor MacIntyre, who heads UNSW’s school of public health and community medicine. “Vaccination is another tool to add to the armoury, where we could be making a difference at a population health level.”

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