Dr Barend Marais
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Dr Ben Marais is a South African trained Infectious Diseases Paediatrician who is an internationally recognized researcher in international child health, particularly tuberculosis, and other diseases affecting poor and marginalized populations.

Current research interests include tuberculosis (epidemiology, strain diversity/evolution, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, drug resistance, TB/HIV, operations research); paediatric infectious diseases in general and cross-disciplinary research.  He is keen to explore sustainable health outcomes that link human health with ecological resilience and biodiversity.   

His contribution to the CRE is  to undertake the study of travel related disease in children including in migrant and refugee children.  He will utilise the PAEDS national surveillance system to monitor causes of fever in children hospitalized following recent international travel, which will inform pre-travel advice, travel vaccination and parental knowledge/attitudes would be assessed.

Associated Stream
Migrant, traveller and refugee health