Dr Virginia Wiseman
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CRE Fellow

Dr Virginia Wiseman joined SPH&CM (part time) in 2012 where she leads an AusAID funded study assessing equity in health care financing in the Pacific. She continues to work at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she has been based for the past 12 years working across a range of Sub-Saharan countries. Virginia  conducts research in the fields of health care financing, economic evaluation of complex public health interventions, health systems strengthening and health equity analysis. Much of this work has been in the area of malaria control investigating ways of improving access to malaria treatment. She currently leads a study evaluating alternative strategies for the deployment of artemisinin-based combination therapy and rapid diagnistic tests at the community level in Nigeria and Cameroon (ACT Consortium funded by the Gates Foundation: http://www.actconsortium.org/).