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John Kaldor is Professor of Epidemiology at KIRBY Institute, based at the UNSW in Sydney. His interests have included the development and implementation of public health surveillance systems, investigations of HIV-related cancer, cohort and cross-sectional investigations of risk factors for infectious disease transmission, and interventional trials of potential biomedical prevention agents.

With his background in the technical methods of quantitative study design and analysis, and experience across a very wide spectrum of research topic, John Kaldor acts as an advisor at both the strategic and technical level in the development and conduct of research projects undertaken by the CRE. He works with AI James Ward and post doc Bette Liu on investigating the impact of vaccines for hepatitis B and human papillomavirus in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, determining the extent and risk factors for incomplete uptake, and devising and evaluating strategies for closing coverage gaps for these vaccines in Indigenous populations.

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Aboriginal and Torres Islander children