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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have substantially poorer health and shorter life expectancy than the rest of the Australian population. Vaccine programs have been successful in reducing disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people for specific VPDs, despite persistent...

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The very old have a higher incidence and greater severity of vaccine-preventable diseases, due to both immune senescence and multiple co-morbidities. The CI team has a track record of novel research in the frail elderly, which will be used to build on research capacity in these important but...

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Health inequity and provision of health care to resettled refugees and new migrants are complex and critical issues worldwide. Access to care before, during and after movement is a challenge identified in migrant and refugee groups, as well specific pre-embarkation and post migration challenges...

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a)    Neonatal vaccinology:     

A high incidence and severity of many VPDs, in particular pertussis and potentially group B streptococcal infection, occurs in the first months of life, but research into the use of vaccines in the neonatal period is...